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June 2015 – Working towards our next performance

4 Jun

We will be performing at Korks on 24th July alongside Otley Ukulele Orchestra and The Fortnights. It’s very exciting to have a gig to prepare for especially when there will be a few collaborations on the night!

We will be looking at the songs we will be performing at the event over the coming Thursdays – so I hope to see you here at The Woolpack Music Studios very soon!

Tonight we will start to look at a new song – and one we will be singing with Otley Ukulele Orchestra at the concert…

Hope you like it!

WEATHER WITH YOU OAC – sheet music

– WEATHER WITH YOU MP3 demo + ukulele

Here is the original version – ah the memories?! The 1990s was such a great time for music…

Watch this space for more details of our up and coming perfomance and rehearsal schedule

War Is Over

18 Oct

We’re starting our preparations for Christmas early this year! We have lots of songs to get ready for our Christmas gigs!

Come and see us sing at the Otley Christmas Lights switch on (Monday 2nd December) and at our Christmas Party (Sunday 22nd December – Korks)

Last night we started work on Happy Xmas (War is Over)


War Is Over

The song was written by John Lennon and Yoko Ono and released in 1971. It is a protest song about the Vietnam war, encouraging social unity and peaceful change.  Lennon apparently wanted the song to be optimistic whilst avoiding the sentimentality of many Christmas songs. 


You can find the score here…


and have a listen to the demo (thanks again to Richard for helping me record it!)

WAR IS OVER (no ukes)

WAR IS OVER (with ukes)

WAR IS OVER (lead only)






Happy singing! See you all soon 🙂

5th September – Welcome back!

6 Sep

What a joy to be back singing again with all the lovely Otley A Cappella crew? I have missed our Thursday singing sessions and was really happy to be back and getting our facial muscles around a new song!

The song we will be looking at over the next few weeks is one of my all time favourite songs… i think the words are really powerful, the melody and the harmonies evocative. I know U2 (especially Bono) gets a lot of bad press but I have always thought they are a great band who write songs that have meaning with  melodies that really capture you which, in my opinion, are the foundations for a timeless song.

Anyway – enough of this Friday morning looking out of the window at constant rain ramblings! ON WITH THE SHOW!




Here is the score so you can follow the music – remember – you don’t have to be able to read music to join in with us. Just following the music gives you a sense of rise and fall in the melody and how the words work rhythmically.

OAC I Still Haven’t Found

and here are the MP3s for you to listen to (WARNING! it is a rough demo so there are a few weird bits but you will get the general idea!)






I mentioned last night that Me and Richard will be running a Folk Harmony Singing workshop at The Woolpack as part of Otley Folk Festival on Sunday 22nd September 2pm-4pm

I would love Otley A Cappella to perform  One Day Like This and Islands in the Stream to open the session. If you would like to take part that would be fantastic. You don’t have to stay for the whole 2 hours (we will be looking at Bob Dylan’s Blowin’ In the Wind) but it would be great to see you.

Also keep SUNDAY 22ND DECEMBER free for our Christmas Party + Gig at Korks! We’ll get together with the Ukulele gang again and have a reet good knees up!

So that’s all for now… I will look forward to seeing you again very soon


OAC Summer Party 19.07.13

22 Jul

Hello everyone!

We had such an amazing time at Korks last Friday – here are a few photographic highlights for your enjoyment!

A huge thanks to Andy Hoyle of Otley Camera Club (http://www.otleycameraclub.co.uk/) for the lovely photos and Chris and the staff at Korks Wine Bar (http://www.korks.co.uk/) for the wonderful hospitality


They love you Smile please Choir Choir 3 Choir 2


a new song… 23rd May 2013

23 May

it was great to start working on a new arrangement tonight. i am really excited about doing this song in collaboration with the Otley Ukulele Orchestra – i think it is going to sound huge with all of us on stage together!

so you will have seen the elbow version in the last post… well here is OUR version!

have a listen to the demo (separate parts to follow) so you can practise your part along with the others between now and your next session.

and download the score here…

OAC One Day Like This – Elbow




looking forward to next week already!