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o come and be christmassy!

23 Nov

last night we had a great time looking at the christmas songs we will be performing very soon (9th and 17th december!!!!!)

we looked at a traditional arrangement of o come all ye faithful – have a listen to it here

O COME ALL YE (4 parts)

or for individual parts (so you can practise!) here….

O COME ALL YE (soprano)

O COME ALL YE (alto)

O COME ALL YE (tenor)

O COME ALL YE (bass) – this is an octave up as i cannot sing THAT low!)

we also practised OAC BLUE CHRISTMAS NO UKE mp3 too and it sounded incredible.

i am really enjoying our thursday nights and have so many ideas and aspirations for us as a group…if we have achieved all this in such a short time imagine what we are capable of!?


see you next week!

Getting in the Christmas Spirit!

15 Nov

tonight at otley a cappella we will be looking at an arrangement of this elvis classic….


hope you like it!

also on saturday, our sing it sisters (as yet no boys have joined!) will be starting their christmas campaign with festive songs they have requested.

it’s all go at the moment – we have performances coming up in december so we will keep you posted.

as always – thursday evenings at the woolpack 7pm for OTLEY A CAPPELLA (adults) and saturday mornings 10am for SING IT! (school year 5 and up) is open to all who are in those age groups – no auditions, no need to read music just a love of singing is all that is necessary!

if you like any more information please do not hesitate to get in touch