HAPPY 2016!

5 Jan

It really seems that Otley A Cappella Choir is going from strength to strength! Towards the end of 2015, we welcomed several new singers to our Thursday sessions and we did some memorable performances such as the Christmas Tree Festival and The Horse and Farrier.


OAC At Otley Parish Church before our performance at The Christmas Tree Festival

I can’t wait to see what 2016 will bring!

Our first session back will be Thursday 14th January from 7:30pm at The Woolpack Studios. I really hope you can join us.

Our first song for the new season is one of my favourite indie songs from the 1990s. It’s Ten Storey Love Song by The Stone Roses. It lends itself to some lovely harmonies and has a really uplifting feel to it. Perfect for a new year!

Here is the original

Here is a demo of the version I have arranged… it’s in three parts (Harmony 2 is lower than the lead and H1 is higher)

Hope you like it!

DEMO (all parts with ukulele)

TEN_STOREY_LOVE_SONG_OAC (music and lyrics)


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