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Happy New Year!

16 Jan

It was so lovely to get together and sing after the Christmas break. It was also really great to welcome so many familiar faces as well as a couple of new ones too! Here’s to lots of lovely Thursdays singing together!

In the run up to Christmas, we were very busy preparing all the Christmas songs. I have to say that one of my particular highlights was singing with The Fortnights when they performed War Is Over at The Woolpack Christmas Party at Korks. I hope we can collaborate again in the future… The songs we performed just got better and better the more gigs we did – thanks to your hard work and practise. It certainly paid off. I want us to always feel that confident when we go out to sing so my pledge to you this year is just that! We will take our time learning the songs and perform only those we feel confident with. That said – I would like OAC to have more opportunities to perform… so lets get learning the songs!!!


We started the year with BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER – my arrangement has drawn inspiration from the song writers and original performers Simon and Garfunkel, as well as Aretha Frankin. Paul Simon apparentley said when interviewed about how he wrote the song, “I have no idea where it came from. It came all of the sudden. It was one of the most shocking moments in my songwriting career. I remember thinking, ‘This is considerably better than I usually write.”

Simon and Garfunkel’s version is probably the best known… but here is Aretha’s version for you to listen too…

And here is our version!


– Bridge Over Troubled Water – all parts (demo)

I will post the individual tracks asap!

Hope to sing with you all again very soon