Otley Folk Festival

20 Sep

I always feel so uplifted after our Thursday evening session at Woolpack Studios. Singing certainly does lift your soul – but singing in a group doubles that experience for me. I love the power of a beautiful harmony sung with confidence and there were many moments like that yesterday evening.

We will be performing on SUNDAY 22nd SEPTEMBER as part of this years Otley Folk Festival.

Richard and I are running a HARMONY SINGING workshop at The Woolpack 2pm-4pm. Otley A Cappella will perform



OAC One Day Like This – Elbow

before we invite the workshoppers to have a go at singing a Bob Dylan classic in 3-part harmony with us.


If you would like to sing, please come to the Woolpack for 1:45pm on Sunday. You will be able to leave after you have performed at 2pm, but you are welcome to stay if you’d like!


Last night we continued to look at

OAC I Still Haven’t Found

which is sounding so heavy. I am hoping to get this finished next week so we can start on something new…. a little uplifting number that will be guaranteed to get us dancing in the Autumn season!

Ta ra for now






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