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One Day Like This

30 May

Hello everyone!

You can now find the separate parts for ONE DAY LIKE THIS on the AUDIO tab at the top of the screen.

See you soon for some singing!


a new song… 23rd May 2013

23 May

it was great to start working on a new arrangement tonight. i am really excited about doing this song in collaboration with the Otley Ukulele Orchestra – i think it is going to sound huge with all of us on stage together!

so you will have seen the elbow version in the last post… well here is OUR version!

have a listen to the demo (separate parts to follow) so you can practise your part along with the others between now and your next session.

and download the score here…

OAC One Day Like This – Elbow




looking forward to next week already!




May 2013

20 May

Hello everyone! i thought you might like to have a look at the following video which i showed at the session on thursday. this is the next song we will be working on over the next few weeks as well as continuing with AND YOUR BIRD CAN SING and RIVER DEEP MOUNTAIN HIGH.

so our new song is ONE DAY LIKE THIS by Elbow. here is the version i have based our arrangement on…

you will notice some lovely string lines and melodies coming through – these are all included in our version!

my vision for this song is that we perform this with Otley Ukulele Orchestra at our Korks gig (july 19th) as the end of show finale! it’s such an anthemic tune and i really think it could be magical!


so over the last few weeks i have loved hearing the progress on the two songs and now they are really coming together! we are listening to each other and developing our ears more and more every week as well as improving our vocal techniques. keep up the good work team….it is really paying off!

see you soon




And Your Bird Can Sing

4 May

Our latest song to be A Cappella-ised is from the 1966 album REVOLVER by The Beatles. I think the harmonies they sing are really interesting, intricate and illustrate how singing together with people regularly and who you feel comfortable with can really develop into a unique sound. The Beatles harmonies sound so natural to me and their blend of voices work perfectly…I believe this can happen when any group of people sing regularly together. Everyone has their role and everyone has a contribution to making it sound incredible.

So i was particularly impressed with the speed in which everyone got to grips with the harmonies and specific rhythm of this piece on Thursday. Another testament to how we are developing as a choir. It’s a lovely little song and will be a nice little compliment to some of the more complicated and ‘darker’ songs we have done already. And Your Bird Can Sing is like a ray of sunshine – despite John Lennon claiming it was one of his throw-away songs…I’m not sure I quite believe that!




I have a few awesome suggestions for the next few songs….keep them coming in….!

I look forward to seeing you soon