12 Mar

the sun is shining on us here at the woolpack…not just literally but metaphorically too as our OTLEY A CAPPELLA sessions have been going really well!! we are sounding so much more confident in our singing together and the songs we will be performing on the 25th March at the Courthouse are coming together.

The Sing It! choir who meet every Saturday morning have also been working hard to develop performance and microphone techniques as well as learning the words to the songs they will be singing. It is lovely to see how the choir are working well together.

i am so excited for everyone to hear both choirs at the Courthouse. People will be blown away! all the hard work is really paying off.


Thursday 14th March 7pm – 8.30pm; normal OTLEY A CAPELLA session – run through 3 songs for performance

Saturday 16th March 10.15am; normal SING IT!! session -run through 3 songs for performance

Thursday 21st March 7pm – 8.30pm; OTLEY A CAPPELLA session (am hoping to record us!)

Sat 23rd March 10.15am; final SING IT! session before the gig

MONDAY 25th MARCH – WOOLPACK ALLSTARS SHOWCASE AT THE COURTHOUSE! see you there along with as many people as you can bring!


THURSDAY 28th MARCH 7pm-9pm (ish) Aftershow Party for Otley A Cappella and Otley Ukulele Orchestra….bring a bottle and some party food and we’ll have a party at the Woolpack! expect music, chat, dancing and hopefully some singing too!

SAT 30th March, 6th April, 13th April – NO SING IT! SESSIONS


keep singing everyone! you’re all amazing!


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