1st november 2012 – something continued!

1 Nov

i was so pleased with tonight’s turn out – despite it being the school holidays and the rubbish weather. and those of us who did come down worked really hard tonight on our joe cocker inspired version of ‘something’ – one of my personal all time ever favourite songs!!

if you want to hear the rough demo of the arrangement then click here SOMETHING MP3 and then again here if you would like to see the score SOMETHING. tonight we got to the end of the song and sang it twice through to consolidate those tricky parts and key changes! it paid off though – it sounded really great and it is lovely to hear how much we can develop a song in a short 1.5 hours!

check out joe cocker (with the mad dogs and the englishmen) version if you need further inspiration (stick with it through the lengthy organ intro!) …..

so one thing i am learning is that people like a challenge! and with that in mind i hope that the bass singers in particular like this arrangement of OAC Moving On Up i have done for us to learn next week. it’s a song that i have particularly good associations with from my younger days….the gospel feel and uplifting nature of the song cannot fail to make you feel smily! i thought it would translate well into our choir. if you want a look at the sheet music then press right here OAC Moving On Up Score.

one other thing i loved about tonight was one of the choir asking me where this choir was going, what were my intentions? i thought this was a great question. i just want to be in a choir that sings great songs (that audiences want to hear!) in amazing harmony and who want to hang out for a pint afterwards. to quote their response – “so music, fun and fellowship?” i couldn’t agree more




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