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otley a cappella week 3 – 18th october 2012

18 Oct

another great session tonight – i loved it. it is really hard work singing for nearly 2 hours and getting your head around new arrangements. but it sounded incredible and it is really exciting to think what we could do if we did that kind of work every week! i am sorry we never got to work on the other songs tonight….there just isn’t enough time!!

so tonight we looked at SOMETHING (you can hear my demo version here…SOMETHING MP3) and one day – you will be able to hear the otley a cappella choir singing it all together!! the arrangement is based on the joe cocker ‘mad dogs and englishmen’ version of the george harrison classic – the harmonies are incredible and the sound the whole band create is massive

i can imagine us sounding like this in a few weeks time!!

so hope to see you next week for more singing !



Coming up at Sing It! this week…..

12 Oct

well saturday is nearly upon us so i am hoping that you bring your best singing voices to the woolpack for 10am!

Sing It! is suitable for young people (school year 5 and up) who love singing cool songs together.

we will be working on some harmonies to the songs we have looked at already – so don’t worry if you have never been before….you will be more than welcome to come along and meet us.

Audio MP3s for you to listen to!

10 Oct

forgotten how those parts go? want to have a listen to what we did last week? then have a listen!!!



apologies for demo version but you will get the idea.

but i found this awesome picture of bill withers for you….!


hope to see you tomorrow!


Getting ready for Thursdays session

10 Oct


i am trying to get this blog up and running so that you can keep up to date with what we are doing on a weekly basis. the idea is i will post sheet music and audio  so you have all the things you need to practise at home and refresh your memory of what we did!

please also use this to contact me in between sessions too – with any questions, queries or song suggestions…..!

so with that in mind – tomorrow (11th October) will be our second OTLEY A CAPPELLA session – and we will be recapping OAC ONE LOVEOAC AIN’T NO SUNSHINE and maybe having a little look at this classic (and one of my favourites SOMETHING.

I will follow this post with some audio of the arrangements i have (very roughly) recorded myself so that you can have a quick listen.

i hope to see you tomorrow!





3 Oct

hello everyone! just a quick reminder that our first session will be tomorrow evening (thursday 4th october) from 7pm at the woolpack, otley. 

we will be looking at 2 songs in 4 part harmony and i hope you will like the song choices! every week i will update the blog with the music we are doing and so we can use the blog as a way to keep in touch with each other. feel free to post any song suggestions!! 

i look forward to meeting you all!